Delegates 2022

Lesley-Anne O’Brien

Lockjaw Records is an independent European punk and hardcore label with a strong focus on DIY. We are proud to be part of a thriving international music community, built on friendship, social-responsibility and a mutual love of punk rock. Onslaught Music is a label & sync agent specialising in rock, metal, punk and beyond. Both labels aspire to bring the best underground guitar music and acts on the pulse of the grassroots scene. Expect a one-stop-shop catalogue with diversity in style and songwriters. High octane big guitar sounds. Modern takes and twists on punk, rock and metal. Incredible acoustic renditions and digital soundscapes.

Lockjaw Records Catalogue (including & Not limited To): Belvedere (CA) Much The Same (US), Darko (UK), Borts (UK), Burnt Tapes (UK), El Moono (UK), Prey Drive (UK), Sunliner (UK), Fabled Mind (DK), Fights & Fires (UK), La Armada (US) — Onslaught Music Catalogue (included but not limited to): The Bloody Mallard (UK), Lee Michael Walton (UK), Midwich Cuckoos (UK)

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