Delegates 2022

Jack Sinnott

Hello And Welcome To JAD Records.””Music Of Quality And Distinction”” We are a small British Independent lable and publishing co,with small dedicated team. Set up in early 2004 and based in London,we specialize in Radio friendly adult contempory/Americana We believe in the most important ingredient of the music business “”The Song””,we only release and publish the most naturally written songs. Our core services on this mission is to provide music supervisors the ability to reach out 24/7 to a trustworthy Friendly Music Company who apricieate the fine art of music supervision All our music is ONE STOP both sides Please feel free to check out our sample catalog in the links below when you get time and I look forward to any briefs you might have. We may not have what you want today,but there is always tomorow ! I look Forward To Meeting Everyone. Jack Sinnott

Various Inc, SOUP./ Jack Anthony David./ Phil The Fluter