Delegates 2022

Hamish Fingland

Bounse is a Scottish music management company with a collaborative outlook. Rooted in the spirit of ‘bouncing around ideas’, Bounse provides its collective with a home to share, communicate, build, and stay creatively stimulated. Bounse’s roster includes a range of styles – from queer art-pop, female fronted rock’n’roll, power ballads, traditional celtic melodies, to rousing electronica. It is headed up by Hamish Fingland, who started his career with two major record deals. Hamish is a successful songwriter in his own right who has written with artists and for film and TV.
Founding Bounse has allowed him to channel his experience into nurturing artists’ careers, allowing them to be full time creatives with longevity and credibility.
This year, The Ninth Wave were synced in the new season of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy.

BOBBIE (producer), Health & Beauty, Last Boy, Lucia & The Best Boys, The Ninth Wave, Walt Disco

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