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Keecia Ellis
07379 627 735

Founded by Keecia Ellis, Rekodi Music is a music publishing company dedicated to protecting music creators, collecting royalties, and respecting the art.
Keecia grew up in a deeply musical family and saw time and again her father’s struggles to maintain control of his intellectual property rights over his music. This first-hand experience of the complexities and difficulty of this business led her to commit herself to making sure that other artists have a space within the industry that they can rely on to protect and collect their dues.
Our services are designed around what works for the creative and their craft. From songwriting support to administrative assistance, everything here is flexible and responsive to the individual needs of every creative.

We want Rekodi to feel like a home to our writers and composers. Music is creativity and community, and we are in this business because we want to protect musicians and these values. It’s our mission to make sure they have a sustainable, financially secure future. Protect.Collect.Respect.”

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