Delegates 2018

Gareth Messam
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Major Players Music provides artist management, music production, engineering, songwriting and artist development services.  It represents artists and producers who have worked with some of the industry’s biggest names, producer and writer credits include J-Lo, Scarface, Geto Boys, Willie D, Troy Ave and more. Its talent roster includes ASCAP-BMI winner Michael Olivier, UK Hip-Hop Artist Bate Nate H., US platinum selling producer Big Swift and songwriter-producer Shemon Luster.     The company also assists in the development of music brands. Its core markets include the US, Europe and a select number of emerging countries in Africa.

Michael Olivier – BMI-ASCAP Award-winning songwriter – UK (member of 20th Century steel band & steel band group Steel and Skin) co-writes including J-Lo and Black Eye Peas – Catalogue includes copyrights for 20th century steel band, Steel An Skin and Solo projects. • Big Swift – Platinum Rapper-Producer – USA (produced a number of Hip-Hop and R&B songs for a number of artists including Scarface, Get Boys, Lil Flip, Willie D, H-town and more – Catalogue includes copyrights for work on lyricist lounge, Get Funky Crew and solo album projects. • Shemon Luster – Singer-Songwriter and Producer – USA. Written and produced for a number of artists including Troy Ave, VCha$e, Ant Glizzy. • The Gameboyz – Writer & Producer Duo – France. Produced for Booba, Shaggy, Kap G and Troy Ave. • Bate Nate H – Hip-Hop-Grime Artist – UK – solo projects including recordings with Young Thug, Tha Outlawz.” @majorplayers1