Delegates 2018

Nick Perring
+44 7958 628 891

Freshly Squeezed is a British record label and music publisher established in 2005. We have a distinctly vintage-influenced sound, but a thoroughly modern approach both as a company and musically. This has led us to some great collaborations including a joint venture project with the iconic Island Records redefining and remixing genre classics for a new young audience. We have been fortunate to built a particularly strong track record in sync with a sound that is at once both familiar yet fresh. We make clearance simple and try whenever possible to be able to clear both sides one stop. Our roster is continuously evolving and we are especially excited to show off our new signings for 2018.

Swingrowers, 12 Stone Toddler, Tankus The Henge, Swing Republic, Jenova Collective, Vintage Remix (JV with Island Records) @electro_swing