Delegates 2018

Kim Harrison-Lavoie
+44 7941 973 783

Monotreme Records is a London-based independent record label now in its 16th year, with a catalog of over 120 releases by a roster of musically diverse, critically acclaimed artists from seven countries, and a growing sync track record including US and UK television, trailers, international films and advertisements. Genres include instrumental alt/post/prog rock, electronic pop, singer/songwriter, alt-folk, chillwave, electronica , experimental pop and more. We are also currently setting up Monotreme Records Publishing. Artists we will be representing include Midas Fall, Oliver Spalding, Stumbleine, 65daysofstatic, Barzin, Ed Tullett, STEARICA, KHOMPA, Trophy Scars, Niagara, sleepmakeswaves, M+A and Sorrow.

65daysofstatic, sleepmakeswaves, Stumbleine, Barzin, Midas Fall, Ed Tullett, Oliver Spalding @Monotreme_Recds