Delegates 2017

Alex Balkin
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We are a small bespoke independent record label and music publisher set up 4 years ago . Core services are owning master rights and publishing rights. Our main artist signed to the label is The Hempolics a reggae/pop fusion band with 3 vocalists. There are various songwriters attached to Shark Free Music Ltd and to Alex Balkin Music Ltd , some of whom have had songs used in film or film trailers . Songwriters are mainly Grippa Laybourne, Harry Collier, Dan collier, Tim Ellis , Nick Mackrory, Matt Eastwood . I am promoting various songs by these writers and other writers covering quirky upbeat tracks ideally suited to dance routines and mood music suitable for films and commercials.

The Hempolics are our most prominent artist . I will be representing writers signed to our publishing company Shark Free Music Ltd and writers Signed to Alex Balkin Music Ltd. free