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Jake Shillingford
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Chøppersaurus is not a fictitious B-movie. It’s not an all female biker gang, sexy leather clad hybrids, high saddle cruisers with swashbuckling T Rex tails… In fact it’s far sexier – the brainchild of Jake Shillingford (My Life Story) and writing partner Nick Evans (The Girls), a composer/producer partnership based in Brighton, England and winners of the Sensoria Pro Scoring Award. Past clients are a mixture of large corporations and even larger legends: Activision, Morrissey and Siouxsie Sioux, Endemol, PJ Proby, Marc Almond, Mason, Sky TV, The Specials and X Factor. We write trailers, production music and love water parks! Recent cut – The Grand Tour (Amazon Prime).

Choppersaurus and My Life Story. @choppersaurus