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Kully Bhamra
+44 7973 189723

Kully B Productions is the home of Kully B & Gussy G ……. Prolific writers of Production Music for Film & TV. Our music can be heard on most terrestrial TV channel’s in every country of the world across the genres of Cinematic Hip Hop / World – Bollywood / Break Beats / Urban Pop / Orchestral Hybrid. (see credits) Whether it’s a new original composition / production ….. or your music catalog needs revitalising … a remake / redesign… a remix / co-song write, we can create what you need. We aim to provide the COOLEST global sounds and vocal flavas; melodies, textures, tones, and Beats that are PROGRESSIVE but harmonically designed ….. to bring your VISION to LIFE … whether your product is a Theatrical Film Trailer, Revitalisation of a Brand Signature, a Motion Picture Advert , a Score for a Documentary / Film OR a TV Network Promo …….. ALL OUR music and sound design is 100% One Stop (Master and Publishing) and can be cleared immediately …. We also offer music supervision as a service. We have a relentless creative energy and drive to do our very best and an ever-growing list of capabilities – we are used to adapting to serving new audiences , stories and brands and just LOVE all things that are music and sound.

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