Delegates 2019

James Rodley
+44 7815 704 923

Abbey Records is an independent label and management company based on the Isle of Wight in the UK. We have a small, very dedicated team working on a high-quality roster. We are looking at how we can make more sync opportunities available to our artists. Currently on the roster we have Fionn Regan (Mercury Award nominated), Phil Gould (Founding member of Level 42), Pale Seas, Luca Wilding, Voyages and Rupert Brown. Some of our artists have begun creating music to briefs and composing for film and television and we are looking at ways to further support that work.

Fionn Regan, Phil Gould, Pale Seas, Luca Wilding, Voyages, Rupert Brown. Music Link 1 Music Link 2