Delegates 2023

Adrian Scragg

MHCM Ltd is a UK Label/Publisher with a ten-year+ history of high-profile international sync licensing for the likes of ABC TV/Disney, CBS, Lionsgate, NBC, Netflix, Paramount & Warner Bros. From 2012-17’s licensing of IKO songs for US TV/film (Twilight Saga, Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries), our Creative Director Kieran (PKA FORT NOWHERE – represented by Pusher) now has 3 trailers for The Crown, 2 for The Witcher, and many more. Working with our family of UK & international artists/writers and with sync-partners Integrity Records/Publishing (UK), we seek opportunities for pitching cutting edge new releases, themed playlists and developing bespoke creative work.

MHCM Artists & writers for Sync include bespoke trailer composer FORT NOWHERE / Maya Jane Coles collaborator CHELOU / JOHN HOGG (ex The Magpie Salute) / PHILLIP HENRY & HANNAH MARTIN (PKA EDGELARKS) UK Folk award winners // MHCM Sync Representation for UK’s INTEGRITY RECORDS (est.1994) & INTEGRITY PUBLISHING (est.2015), includes – DANIEL LEFKOWITZ – formerly of The Low Anthem / HANG MASSIVE (120M YT streams) & multiple international syncs in films, TV & ads / IDA WENØE (2021 Danish Music Award Winner) / AWARE – Chill-out icons for 20+ years with multiple UK & international syncs plus many current & emerging artists from the UK, Australia & Europe including JESSIE REID (Love Island & Made in Chelsea).

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